Best Time to Visit Spain

by Bob

Q: What is the best time of year to visit southern spain? Thanks

A: Hey Bob, great question. I dont think there is a bad time of year to visit Spain but there are definitly better times than others.

I think that the summer season, May and June are great months to travel to Southern Spain. May and June are cool enough that you are not roasting in the sun while sight seeing but still warm enough to visit the beach. These are also shoulder seasons so hotel rates are less and sights are less crowded.

My second favorite time to visit would be September and October for the same reason.

My 3rd favorite time of year to visit would be March and April. While this time of year can be the most expensive due to Semana Santa (Holy Week) and La feria de primavera (Spring Fair)it also offers the opportunity to participate in these festivals. If you like to party La feria de primavera is definitely worth the extra money. If you want to experience holy week again well worth the extra money.

When searching for a hotel you'll notice the prices differ between high, low and mid season. This often will signal the most popular time to visit, and usually coincide with the nicest times of year.

Hope this helps.

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