Hostels in Spain

Hostels in Spain are a great option for the budget minded traveller. Here's what to expect and some recommendations in Andalucia.

Not just for students…Hostels in Spain can range from the typical one room with lots of beds and shared bathroom to single rooms with shared bathrooms, to private rooms with private baths. For example, you can get a no frills room for a26€ a night to around 90€ (average). Most of the time it comes with a private room with a TV, a bed and a private shower and toilet was across the hall. Some, which are the typical hostel, of an open room with lots of beds and shared lavatories. You can have great experiences both.

If your goal is just a place to lay your head and wash up, it’s a perfect option. If you prefer a private room, just search before your trip for hostels online and book your room early. Usually the good ones are booked in advance and book up quickly.

Hostels range from no frills to very nice. As a traveler I would advise to keep an open mind. Hostels are not a bad place to stay and two the star rating system is different for Europe than places like North America. 1 star for the most part in the U.S. means a sleazy motel on the side of the highway. 1 star in Spain means no extras, but you can still expect to have a clean place to sleep in a safe area and in most cases, unique buildings. Hostels can be like a poor man’s answer to a fancy bed and breakfast. What better way to meet fellow travelers than to share accommodations with them.

Staying at a less expensive hostel is the easiest way to cut out cost from your trip and in a country like Spain where life is lived on the street and your accommodations are truly only places to lay your head. 

Hostel Sign in Spain

One thing I will point out with hostels, especially those with shared dormitories, common sense is required. I have never had a problem, but a little precaution can keep your trip running smoothly. There are usually places to lock up your things, take advantage of these places as a stolen passport or wallet can waste a day or more of traveling not to mention ruin your mood.

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