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General information on getting your visa

While getting a Spain visa is a hassle, for most of us, it's required. First and foremost to be 100% sure what the visa requirements are for visiting Spain visit your local Spain embassy via the web or even give them a call. Currently for U.S., Australian, and Canadian citizens all you need is your passport for stays less than 90 days in any given 6 months period. That is to say you cannot go to Spain for 90 days, return to your country of origin for one week and then return to Spain for another 90 days. Again please check with the embassy for who does and does not need a visa to enter the country the three I have listed are just a few that do not require a visa.

Most Europeans are not required to carry a visa when entering Spain but do need their National Identity Card.

Visas for entry into Spain for less than 90 days– there are some countries that Spain requires a visa just to enter their country. An example of this would Afghanistan, Cuba, and Egyptian citizens are currently required visas to enter Spain.

Don’t ruin your trip by assuming your passport or Spain visa is current. Make sure you check before you buy your plane tickets. Remember if you need to get a visa or have yours renewed. It's not going to happen in 24 hours, you need time. Currently The Bureau of Consular Affairs in the U.S. is taking 4 to 6 weeks to process visas and 2 to 4 weeks if you pay the expedited charges. So be sure yours is up to date before you buy your plane tickets to Spain.

Visa for stays in Spain for over 90 days

For U.S. citizens’ visas are only required for stays over 90 days and so if you are a U.S. citizen planning a two week trip to Spain all you need is your passport.

Most people outside of the European Union will be required to get a national visa. This visa will allow a person to reside, work, do research, or study in Spain for a period over 90 days. When I went to Spain for my study abroad I was required to get a visa for my stay. It was not all that difficult to get my visa although they did have some certain requirements that needed to be met.

For more detailed and up to date information on Spanish Visas please visit the ministerio deasuntos exteriores y de cooperacion ( )

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