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It's easier then you think to learn Spanish online. There are also many other ways that I list below which could be more effective for your style of learning.

I will be the first to admit that languages did not come easily to me so much so that I flunked high school Spanish. So you might be wondering why on earth you listen to this guy on learning Spanish. I would like to think that my years at working at it gives me some insight into what works and what does not.

The first thing you need to figure out on learning Spanish is what type of learning technique would work best for you. For example my wife is an extremely motivated focused individual who could easily dedicate an hour or more a day to learning a language from a software program like Rosetta Stone. While I would never make it through more than 3 classes and be side tracked by anything.

  • Software Programs- If you are a disciplined individual you might want to consider using the Rosetta Stone software programs, which is an easy way to learn Spanish online.
  • Books are another great way to get started in learning Spanish.
  • Free website programs- there are multiply free website programs than can aid you in learn Spanish online.

  • Classes- by far this is my favorite method for getting started. For me it is easier to commit to attending a class than to make myself study an hour a day from a computer program. Below are some ideas for Spanish classes.
  • College course – whether you are in college or not you can sign up for a college Spanish language course. Depending on the college these courses can be quite reasonable.
  • Non credit college course – sometimes called continually education these courses are not for college credit, are geared more towards adults, and are usually scheduled at night.
  • Private language institute – usually a more expensive method is to go to a private language institute in your town or city. They usually offer two types of classes’ private and group. The groups are much more affordable but can either be way to advanced or way to basic. Private are the most expensive but are the most customizable to your level and your schedule.
  • Local courses – many cities may organize Spanish courses held at your local library or other public use facility.
  • Church sponsored courses - I have even seen churches sponsor language course held at their facilities.
  • Total Immersion - The absolute best method for learning an enormous amount of Spanish in a short period of time is total immersion.
  1. If you are still in college I highly recommend doing a study abroad. Most likely it will be the same price or in some cases cheaper than a semester living on campus. I have written another page just on study abroad and my tips so I won’t go into that here.
  2. The other method to obtain a total immersion experience is to attend a language school in a Spanish speaking country. There are many throughout southern spain that have programs for all ages and Spanish levels.  Check out my advice for studying abroad and choosing Spanish Courses in Spain here.

I did both. I did a study abroad with my college and I came back afterwards to one of the language schools in Sevilla. The study abroad while one of the best experiences of my entire life, it was not the best language learning experience for me. I went to an American institute filled with American students that taught us Spanish history in English. I hung out with Americans afterwards and went home to my Spanish family that spoke really good English.

The second time I went to Spain I went to a private institute CLIC. I learned more in four weeks from this private institute than my entire study abroad. CLIC put us in classes according to age and language speaking ability. So in my class I had Swiss, Italian, German, Belgium, English, French, and Japanese. So the only way for all of us to communicate was to use what Spanish we knew. I will say that most of the younger students from Europe spoke really good English but I felt it rude to assume they wanted to speak to me in English so I kept to Spanish.

Below are a list of Language schools throughout Southern Spain. This is a great way to combine a vacation and get a learning experience. You are sure to make friends and learn a lot about the culture. Parents if your high school student is struggling in Spanish one or two weeks in one of these programs will easily put them at the head of their class.

CLIC Language program

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