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travel to south spain in december

hello my husband and myself thinking about travelling to southern spain last week of december and first week of January. First we are worried it will be

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my wife and I are arriving in Madrid next april and have 13 days to visit Madrid and southern Spain we need recommendations as to how long we should stay

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2 week portugal / spain itinerary

Hello, This is our first trip to Portugal / Spain. We are flying into Lisbon and staying for 3 nights. Then for the next 6-7 days, we were thinking

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Travel to MarBella Spain

Q: I am planning a trip next May. Arriving Madrid then train to Seville then Jerez and Cadiz. Week two we want to spend at the beach in Marbella. Can

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Andalusia in November

It seems like November is still a good time to visit Andalusia (we are not planning to go swimming). But I was wondering, is the landscape still as pretty

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Hostels in Malaga Spain

Looking for hostels in Malaga Spain? Check out our suggestions.

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Hostels in Seville Spain

Looking for hostels in Seville Spain? Here are our suggestions.

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Cadiz Spain: A Great Beach Town on Spains Coast

Cadiz Spain is one of my favorite beach towns. The beaches at Cadiz have character, beauty and are fun.

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Hotels in Cadiz Spain

Looking for hotels in Cadiz Spain? Here is our suggestions.

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Central location for exploring Southern Spain

Where would you recommend that we stay if we wanted to explore Southern Spain for 10 days? We are thinking of maybe 2 locations. We will be renting a car,

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southern spain itinerary

What would you suggest as an itinerary for the 4 top cities that you recommended to visit in southern Spain? We will fly into Madrid in March and have

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Using Taxis in Spain

Q: We'd love to stay at some of the paradores but don't have access to a car. Are taxies available to take us from the train station to the parador? A:Hi

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