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A Spanish villa rental is an amazing option for your trip to Spain. And it's not just for bigger groups, plenty of villas have options for 1 - 2 people.

Every year, Spain and its many advantages for vacationers are being discovered by more and more travelers. One of these advantages is a wide choice in accommodations – not just typical hotel rooms like you’d see so often elsewhere.

Sure, when you’re visiting Spain you can take the traditional approach and stay in a hotel. Hotels are all over the place, especially at the popular tourist spots. But why not be a little adventurous and choose accommodations that can be just as special as Spain itself? You have several options for accommodations in Spain, including: A traditional hotel room; One of Spain’s lovely resorts; A charming bed & breakfast; A self-catered (no housekeeping service) rental apartment; and One of many Spanish villa rental options.

Spanish Luxury Vill

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Each of these options has its advantages, but Spanish villas usually have the following advantages over the alternatives:

Cost and Value per Dollar. Spanish villas can range from luxurious to fairly basic, but most don’t cost much more than staying in a hotel. And, if you’re traveling with your family or some other group of people, a villa can actually be less costly than the other options. Spain’s villas also give you great bang for your buck: many include central heating and air, English-language TV stations, a fully-equipped kitchen with a stovetop, oven, refrigerator/freezer and microwave, a washer and dryer for your laundry needs, maid service and a private patio and garden. Some even come equipped with bikes and golf clubs! Naturally, pricier villas will give you more amenities and a higher level of luxury than cheaper, more basic alternatives.

Spacious Comfort. As a general rule, a Spanish villa rental are more spacious and comfortable than the other options. Why take the risk of feeling cramped for space (or worse, claustrophobic) in a small hotel room when most Spanish villas have at least two bedrooms, a separate living room, dining area, kitchen and one or more bathrooms? And, the spaciousness of villas doesn’t just prevent potential claustrophobia – it makes them much more comfortable than the other options. Here’s a perfect illustration: imagine yourself watching TV while sitting on your hotel room’s bed or a hard, uncomfortable wooden chair. Now, visualize yourself watching TV in a villa. You can choose one of the comfy, cozy couches or chairs, put your feet up, kick back and truly relax. It’s a world of difference, isn’t it? In truth, many Spanish villas give you all the comforts and conveniences of home.

andalucian villa
villa on the beach

Here are some more pictures of what you can stay in!

Privacy. Spanish villas offer more privacy than any hotel room, resort or B&B. Although you’ll probably see at least a few other travelers, by renting a villa you’ll avoid being surrounded by armies of tourists the way you’d be if you stayed in a hotel or resort. You’ll also have your own private entrance to your villa accommodations – no more walking down a long, lonely hall just to get to your hotel room’s door. Villas provide the type of privacy that’s ideal for honeymooners, couples on a romantic getaway, and travelers who don’t want to be elbow-to-elbow with tourists.

Now, doesn’t renting a villa sound like a great option while you’re visiting Spain?

How to Rent a Spanish Villa

When we first looked into renting a villa, we got overwhelmed and scared, until we stumbled upon a great service...a great website that has spectacular listings. The "villas" range from country properties to fun apartments in the city. Whatever you're looking for, villarenters is a good resource.

We've used them a few times and have been pleased.

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