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Tips on getting the best deals on airfare

Cheap flights Spain? Yes, it's possible. There are a lot of things to keep in mind for getting good airfare to Spain. Here's some useful tips that might help you.

Would you like to fly on cheap flights to Spain? Read on and I will tell you how. I wish I had the magic solution to rising cost of flying. What I do have is some good suggestions to getting a good price and a decent flight to Spain.

First and foremost if you want a good deal on your flight to Southern Spain you need to shop around. Check individual air lines, check the big travel websites, check on a regular basis. If you want to just buy your tickets and forget about it you are not going to get the best deal unless you get lucky.

There are definitely some does and don’t on shopping for cheap airfare. For starters do not buy on the weekends as prices typically go up then. Do shop on Tuesday and Wednesday as these seem to be the best days for getting a bargain.

Open up your parameters when searching for a flight. I know we all have a preference for the exact days and times but if choose the +/- 3 days button you could save significant amount of money by leaving on a different day or returning on a different day. If nothing else it helps you make a more informed decision.

Don’t buy your tickets to far in advance and when I say to far I mean 9 months or so. I would start shopping at nine months so you have an idea what prices are. You might occasionally want to pretend you are actually going to buy the tickets to see how many seats are left as this could give you an idea of the sense of urgency you need to have in your purchase. It is best to buy tickets between 3 months to two weeks before your trip for cheap flights spain.

Fly into central hubs and take the train to your final destinations. It may be cheaper to fly into Madrid and take the Ave to Southern Spain not to mention more fun. However, I think this decision will depend on your budget and amount of time you have. If you can afford, it would be faster to fly into southern Spain instead of taking the train. Southern Spain has several airports that make getting in nice and easy. Also, if you live in the European Union you might be able to fly into one of the smaller hubs for just as cheap as a major.

Do some research on the airlines you are thinking of flying. I find that while airlines out of the U.S. are still good the European airlines are slightly better in some respects. The European airlines seem to have better food in my opinion.

Research the planes themselves. I usually try and find out what type of plane I am flying and then do some research on the best seats or if you are between two airlines you might that you like the seat set up in one plan over another. For example you might prefer to choose the plane with two, three, two seats because it is just you and your significant other doesn’t want the comfort of not sharing a row. Lastly, I have found that certain plains seats recline more than others. I’d pay a little more for that!

Save your miles to get a reduced rate on a ticket if not a free one. The ultimate in cheap flights to Spain. These days there are a lot of ways to earn miles without flying. Checkout your preferred airline’s mileage program for what purchases could qualify for miles. One example is my mother gets points for shopping at a certain grocery store. A store she would normally shop at so we signed her up for miles. Another way to earn miles is with a credit card. Now I am not going to advocate for credit cards but if there is one by your favorite airlines and all the other things that go along with the credit card work for you than go for it. Vanessa and I are experimenting this year with a miles credit card and I can tell you the first thing I like about the card was when we got to board right before general boarding. As much as I hate having to pay a yearly fee for the card at that moment it was well worth the money.

Get an awesome deal - the really great deals that you see advertised are out there; however, in my experience they have always come with a catch that made it impossible for us to use them. For example they might be a last minute deal or they might be offered on at a time of year you don’t want to go. If you have a lifestyle where you can go last minute, the you might be in luck to use a deal.

The only other legitimate air line deals out there are for students. In college I got a really good deal by using a student website like STA travel to get a good deal. Again though, this is only good for those under the age of 26.

Take a look at the airports in Spain and what your options are for air travel for cheap flights Spain.

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