Romantic Cottage or Rental in Spain for Anniversary

Q: I need a recommendation of where to go in Spain in April 2014 for my 10th wedding anniversary. Looking for something relaxing with great sites. It’s 3 couples so a rental house or cottage would be great. Beautiful scenery, can be touristy but with some off the beaten path experiences. We like beaches, good nightlife, good food, good architecture. Please help.

A: Hi! Spain is an awesome place for an anniversary trip. There are so many great cities in Southern Spain. First I need to mention that April holds two major holidays in Southern Spain; Semana Santa (Easter Week) and La Feria de Primavera (The Spring Fair). My first recommendation would be Seville it is my favorite city in Spain. It fits all your criteria of a Romantic place, with great architecture, great night life, and the beach is an easy hour train ride away.

However, you need to be aware that hotels will be extremely expensive in April due to the two holidays I mentioned above. If that is not an issue definitely make Seville your main stay in Spain as both festivals are something worth seeing.

Malaga is another great city worth seeing in Spain. Located on the Mediterranean- the beaches are awesome and the weather is always great! The night life is alive and happening and there is plenty to see and do.

Ronda, probably my second favorite city in Spain is extremely Romantic, very tranquil, picturesque countryside as it is up in the Mountains. Ronda is a little harder to get to as you might need to rent a car to get to it and it is more along the size of a large town than a city.

Granada rounds out my last choice. Don't get me wrong there are tons of other cities to choose from but for simplicity sake I'll stick to four cities. Granada has great architecture, great nightlife, it's romantic, there is lots of sights to see and you are within driving distance to the beach.

As far as rental house goes I recommend checking out as there's great choices listed there.

Lastly, you can check out out summaries for each city as it will go into more detail on the history, attractions, and what to expect.

Hope this helps! Adam

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